Terry Moore Ford Screwed My Friend

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He took his ford tuck to Terry Moore Ford for them to read out trouble codes, they replaced parts without his consent, then called and told him that the part they replaced was not the actual problem and it would cost him over 2,000 dollars to fix it.He declined the service, and Kandy told him that they would "park it outside, and he could come and get it".

so he did. they are now saying that he "STOLE" his own vehicle, and would have him arrested!! he tried to talk to Terry Moore, and that got him absolutely nowhere! all of this ended up costing him $879.86!!

Terry Moore Ford is the worst dealership i have ever stepped foot in!

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Port Allen, Louisiana, United States #47318

no i took my truck in to have the computer codes read out so i could complete the work myself.when they called back a couple days later the woman said that injector number 6 was bad and maybe 2 other things, they needed to take it apart more to find out.

i asked if i could come down and talk to the tech. she said sure, so i did. he had already replaced the injector and thats how he knew more was wrong but he did some simple test and found out that the high pressure oil pump was not putting out enough pressure. so that was all that was wrong with it.

but. he wanted to look at one more thing first. so i went home and the next day they told me that my total to have to work done was 2031 and some change. i declined the work and she said ok we will leave it out side so you can come get it.

so i did. i did the work for about 700. i tore the motor down to see if the injector was in there and it was. so i figured they had left it in there because they had already sent the old one in as a core.

then i received many threatening phone calls saying they want my truck or $879 or im going to jail.

ok i refused to give up my truck .it took them 2 weeks to notice it was gone in the first place theres no way im leaving it with them so i had to get my 66 year old grandmother to go down there with me and pay the remainder of the bill and no one in that dealership was willing to talk about any thing.it was money or jail for me and that is just bad...

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Port Allen, Louisiana, United States #47279

He Never Authorized ANY Work To Be Done!! Except Diagnostics. $80.00


No dealership will replace parts without consent.And how did you get from them quoting $2k to $879.86?

Sounds like the parts they replaced cost $879.86 and they recommended that he do additional work to the tune of $2k, which he probably declined.

They may have told him to come pick up the truck, but he still had to pay for the replaced parts totalling $879.86.He may not have stole his own truck, but he tried to rip off the dealership for work already done.

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